Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Nineteenth Submissions

(phooof!) Blowing off the dust and cobwebs, Dead Spot says

"Live Free or Die Fledermaus!"

"Police Academy 4: The Lost Patrol"

"The Omaha Beach Girls"

("Omaha Beach" does qualify. Ed)

"My Favorite Martian Year"

"They Call Me Bruce Almighty?"

"Joysticks Luck Club"

"Surf II: Electric Boogaloo"

"Stewardess School of Rock"

"Cross My Angel Heart"

"Vice Squad Versa"

P.S. A worthy submission can be found in the previous comment section, but cannot be posted here, as TV shows and made-for-TV movies are not allowed.

Days later, X Dell comes through with an excellent set

Dr., Strange Love Story (Peter Sellers tells Ali McGraw that love means never having to say you’re sorry for destroying the world).

What’s Up, Doc Hollywood? (A plastic surgeon accidentally arrives at a musicologist convention).

JFK-Pax (Lee Oswald claims to be an alien from a distant planet)

The Life of Brian’s Song. (Some old movies never die).
(My fave of this set. Ed.)

My Stepmother is an Alien Resurrection (How creepy is that?)

Goodbye, Girl 6 (Marsha Mason gets fired from her job as a phone sex operator)

La Femme d’à côtè, Nikita (An adulterous couple are caught by French intelligence, and forced to become assassins)

New to B.L.W. is Dr. Alistair and he says

"The Tears of The Sun King"(Louis The 14th catches his toe on the bedpost.)

"Live And Let Die Hard"(yippie-eye-aye Moneypenny.)

"The Song Remains The Same Time Next Year"(Jimmy Page forgets where he left his banjo.)

"The Curse of The Count of Montecristo"(makes Montezuma's revenge look like gas.)

"The Jazz Piano"(the Germans aren`t so understanding this time.)

All The President`s Few Good Men"(Bill Clinton`s dirty little secret.)

From the other land down under, Angel thunders...

"12 Alien Monkeys"

"Kiss Kiss Romeo & Bang Bang Juliet"

"Natural Born Desperado Killers"

(the next Tarantino/Rodriguez collaboration, eh? Ed.)