Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Twenty-Second Submissions

Becky says "how about 'The Ghost and Mr. Chicken and Mrs. Muir?' Two of my favorite movies!"

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Paper Anniversary of The Bad Lieutenant's Wife

By the time I click "publish post" on this submission, this blog will be hours short of its first birthday (and the crowd goes wild!). Who knew? I certainly didn't and the submissions that are forever on these pages, have amused, impressed, and even stupefied me in their humor and brilliance.

I salute each and every person who has submitted their take on this game and you all should pat yourself on the back. A game is only is good as its players and each of you should be tested for steroids/performance enhancing seriously, drop this blue tablet in the toilet and fill the cup. I'll also need a hair sample and I don't want to hear any nonsense about shy kidneys.

Beware now, as this editor will get self-indulgent and pick the best of that guy Ed's submissions. Remember, only you can prevent forest fires and that guy Ed, by creating more submissions of your own-

"When Harry Met The Usual Suspects"

"National Blue Velvet"

"True Underworld Romance"

"On Any Given Girl Friday"

"Five Easy Pieces of About Schmidt"

"Goodfellas, Bad Boys And The Ugly"

"Cloverfield of Dreams"

"Play Gorillas In The Misty For Me"

"The Best Truman In Show"

"The Bourne Elf Identity"