Thursday, December 20, 2007

Two Big Announcements

First, here is the cover of Astonishing Adventures Issue #2-

Second? Just around the New Year, the Twentieth Installment of The Bad Lieutenant's Wife will be the "best of!" A few days after that, the Twenty-first Installment will kick off.

Monday, September 24, 2007

A Moment Of Silence, Please

From one of the editors of Astonishing Adventures Magazine-

I don't want to intrude on Katherine, but I just wanted to say a little something.
We lost one of our pulpsters recently and we at AAM want to say we're sorry. Katherine's sister Mary contributed the illustration for Tit For Tat in the first issue and she passed away on Saturday.

Please keep Katherine and her family in your thoughts.

Editor JDC

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Nineteenth Submissions

(phooof!) Blowing off the dust and cobwebs, Dead Spot says

"Live Free or Die Fledermaus!"

"Police Academy 4: The Lost Patrol"

"The Omaha Beach Girls"

("Omaha Beach" does qualify. Ed)

"My Favorite Martian Year"

"They Call Me Bruce Almighty?"

"Joysticks Luck Club"

"Surf II: Electric Boogaloo"

"Stewardess School of Rock"

"Cross My Angel Heart"

"Vice Squad Versa"

P.S. A worthy submission can be found in the previous comment section, but cannot be posted here, as TV shows and made-for-TV movies are not allowed.

Days later, X Dell comes through with an excellent set

Dr., Strange Love Story (Peter Sellers tells Ali McGraw that love means never having to say you’re sorry for destroying the world).

What’s Up, Doc Hollywood? (A plastic surgeon accidentally arrives at a musicologist convention).

JFK-Pax (Lee Oswald claims to be an alien from a distant planet)

The Life of Brian’s Song. (Some old movies never die).
(My fave of this set. Ed.)

My Stepmother is an Alien Resurrection (How creepy is that?)

Goodbye, Girl 6 (Marsha Mason gets fired from her job as a phone sex operator)

La Femme d’à côtè, Nikita (An adulterous couple are caught by French intelligence, and forced to become assassins)

New to B.L.W. is Dr. Alistair and he says

"The Tears of The Sun King"(Louis The 14th catches his toe on the bedpost.)

"Live And Let Die Hard"(yippie-eye-aye Moneypenny.)

"The Song Remains The Same Time Next Year"(Jimmy Page forgets where he left his banjo.)

"The Curse of The Count of Montecristo"(makes Montezuma's revenge look like gas.)

"The Jazz Piano"(the Germans aren`t so understanding this time.)

All The President`s Few Good Men"(Bill Clinton`s dirty little secret.)

From the other land down under, Angel thunders...

"12 Alien Monkeys"

"Kiss Kiss Romeo & Bang Bang Juliet"

"Natural Born Desperado Killers"

(the next Tarantino/Rodriguez collaboration, eh? Ed.)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Eighteenth Submissions

The Goddess Flannery alit from her cloud and had these submissions carried forth by angels with graham cracker wings...

"Richard Shrek the Third"

"You've Got Hate Mail"

".M.N.T.C.H.U.D.(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers)" m not sure if this fits the rules but it works for me!

(It does, that's just two films Ed.)

"The Quest of the Delta Force Knights"

"South Gorky Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut"

"Cat Ballou in the Hat"

"Honkytonk Man of the Year"

I thought I told you that Chris won't stop, I thought I told Chris won't stop, nuh-uh-ah-uh...

"The X-Men's Wive's Club"

"Island Of Dr. Zhivago"

"Bridget Jones's Motorcycle Diaries"

"That Thing You Xanadu"

"Cheech & Chong Still Thank You For Smokin'"

"Seven Year Samurai Itch"

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Seventeenth Submissions

Just when the posts are almost as scarce as trees on the tundra, Brian Setzer. Chris makes these submissions sexy, and seventeen.

"Girl Six Pack"

"Breathless Than Zero"

"It's Patton: The Movie"

(Never in a thousand years would I have saw that coming. Ed.)

"The Break-Up The Creek"

"When Dirty Harry Met Chainsaw Sally"

"Deck The City Halls"

Monday, April 30, 2007

Sweet Little Sixteenth Submissions

Don't read to far into the post title, it's apropos of a song title only, Chuck Berry.

Like a voodoo priest, X Dell resurrects the game and unfortunately, I had to strike the first one, as it was already done. Though the whole set is solid as Ashford and Simpson...

"A Slap Shot in the Dark (Paul Neumann and Peter Sellars star as blind hockey players.)"

"Up Close and Personal Best (Robert Redford tries to look presentable for Mariel Hemmingway.)"

"The Taking of Pelham One, Two, 300 (Armed with switchblades and semi-automatic weapons, fed-up NYC commuters defeat the Spartans at Thermopylae.)"

"She Bwana Devil (Starring Roseanne.)"

"The Eyes of Laura Mars Wide Shut (Faye Dunaway has premonitions of esoteric rituals.)"

"To Catch a Bicycle Thief (Grace Kelley installs Lo-Jack on her Schwinn.)Modern Times Square (Tim Curry updates his role as an influential DJ.)"

"Two for the Road Warrior (Mel Gibson makes quick work of Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney.)"

The Ed guy had a few in reserve, just for this occasion...

"The La Bamba Exit To Brooklyn"

(Boo! Ed.)

"The SpongeWhatAboutBobSquarePants Movie"

"The Lords of Dogtown Discipline"

"The Man Who Would Be King Kong"

"La Femme Little Nicky"

"Goodfellas, Bad Boys And The Ugly"

"Dennis The Menace To Society"

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Big Fifteenth!

I should've had these up in the morn, but as the Editor I have to make sure that these weren't overlaps or repeats. Amazingly, I have yet to have a complete overlap or repeat!

Yet again, Flannery flexes her might!

"Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home for the Holidays"

"Mad Dog and the Blades of Glory"

"In the Land of Amazon Women on the Moon"

"Meet the Swiss Family Robinsons"

"300 North Dallas FortyParis, Texas"

"Murder by Lucky Numbers"

"To Sir with Love, Actually"

(Sweet! Ed)

"The Urban Cowboy Way"

"The Lord of the Rings: Return of the Original Kings of Comedy"

"Murder, My Sweet Home Alabama"

A riposte from Chris, en garde, mes amis!

"A Lowdown Dirty Dancing Shame"

"A Scarface In The Crowd"

(Excellent and automatic H.O.F! Ed)


(I'll buy that for a dollar, Sigorney. Ed)

"The Power Of One Night At McCool's"

"Life Is Beautiful Girls"

"Eragon With The Wind"

The Ed guy wants in too...

"The Terminal Velocity of Gary"

"The Pursuit of Happy Endings"

"Mr. GoodBarcelona"

"On Any Given Girl Friday"

"Legends of The Falling Down"

"Breaking, Vanishing Point of No Return"

Eddie Murphy, the Andes and Will Ferrell collide! In...
"Raw, Alive, Kicking And Screaming"

"National Blue Velvet"

"Five Easy Pieces of About Schmidt"

"Brian's Song Remains The Same"

"A Midsummer Night's Eve of Destruction"

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Fourteenth Submissions

And so it begins again! X Dell, would you do the honors?

"Footloose Cannons (A tough detective, and his nearly psychotic partner take dancing lessons from Kevin Bacon.)"

"The Good Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (Our planet is a 20:1 longshot in this Paul Muni vehicle.)"

"The Urban Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Many people thought Ichabod Crane was a real person.)"

"Wild, Wild Westworld (Artemus Gordon’s Yul Bryner robots take over a two-horse town.)"

"Goodbye, Columbus Girl (Richard Dreyfus sneaks out on Buckeye Marsha Mason)"

"National Lampoon’s Animal House Party (Kid & Play wear togas and dance to the latest hip-hop tunes.)"

"A Groundhog Day at the Races (February 2, 1932: The Marx Brothers lose over and over again at the track)"

"Blowup in Smoke (Antonioni investigtes the possibility that he's made a Cheech and Chong movie.)"

"And Justice for All That Jazz (Pacino does bebop right.)"

(Which do I like better? This...)

"Paris, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. (Harry Dean Stanton’s murder spree spans two continents.)"

(...or this? Ed)

Raging Bull Durham (Robert DeNiro gives up boxing for baseball and Susan Sarandon.)

(Methinks "Raging Bull Durham!" Ed)

"The Man with the Golden Gunfight at O.K. Corral (James Bond’s nemesis goes back in time to take bets on the altercation between the Earps and the Clantons.)"

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Thirteenth Submissions

Thirteen is a lucky number around here when Flannery kicks things off...

"The Joy Luck Fight Club"

(The first rule, about "The Joy Luck Fight Club," is that you don't talk to mom, about "The Joy Luck Fight Club." An automatic Hall of Fame lock. Ed)

"Bang The Tin Drum Slowly"

"The Unsinkable Jackie Brown"

"Galaxy Quest for Camelot"

"High Road to Chinatown"

"Breakfast Club At Tiffany's"

"The Incredible Shrinking Hulk Woman"

"I Never Promised You a Secret Rose Garden"

"Romy & Michelle's Rock and Roll High School Reunion"

"Red Dawn of the Dead"

Chris has yet another excellent set

"Better Kiss Me Off Deadly"

"The Wizard Of Osmosis Jones"

"The Singing Detective In The Rain"

"A Hard Day's Night Of The Living Dead"

"Beyond The Seabiscuit"

(Willll-bur, go sail-ing. Ed)

"Any Which Way But Bustin' Loose"

"Permanent Midnight Express"

"Fantastic Four Seasons"

"The Picture Perfect Storm"

Rust never sleeps, Neil Young, and Flannery sleeps even less than that...

"Wild Groundhogs Day"

"Hellraiser III: Motel Hell on Earth"

"Star 80 Wars: Episode III: Porky's Revenge of the Sith"

"Mr. Destiny Turns on the Radio"

"Dr. T and What the Women Want"

"The Sixth Sense and Sensibility"

"Road Trip to Bountiful"

"Kiss Me Goodbye, Mr. Chips"

"She's All That Jazz"

"Secondhand Lions in Winter"

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Twelveth Submissions

Flannery has become just downright intimidating...

"Remember the Clash of the Titans"

"Heaven Can Wait Until Dark"

"Lady Jane and the Tramp"

"Beat the Devil in a Blue Dress"

"Eraser Head of State"

"Some Close Encounters of the Third Kind of Wonderful"

"The Sure Thing About Love"

"Home Alone for the Holidays"

"The Bad Broadcast News Bears"

"The Muppets Take the Manhattan Project"

While the titles of the Ed come to a close...

"Full Contact Croupier"

Julianne Moore goes to Hong Kong in "The End of The Infernal Affairs."

Friday, March 23, 2007

The Eleventh Submissions

The Ed guy reaches into his DVD collection to counter the relentless Midwest onslaught...

"When Harry Met The Usual Suspects"

One of my crime faves + my favorite Paul Giamatti film = "Romeo Is Bleeding Sideways"

A new fave + a DMX fave = "The Departed Never Die Alone"

My most treasured DVD + a Jerry Lewis film that I'd never buy = "GoodCinderFella"

"The Bourne Elf Identity"

"True Underworld Romance"

"To Have and Have Not Layer Cake"

A Michael Mann film + another DMX film = "Collateral Belly"

"Little Big Men In Black"

I said it before and I'll say it again, you can not stop Flannery, you can only hope to contain her...

"Wet Hot American Summer of Sam"

"The Remains of the Day the Earth Stood Still"
(Nice, Clarice! Ed)

"Cheaper by the Dirty Dozen"

"Kelly's Last Action Hero"

"Not Without My Coal Miner's Daughter"

"Heartbreak Ridge Hotel"

"Howard's End of Days"

"Bad Medicine Man"

"Bachelor Party Girl"

"Warlock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels"

Chris offers up a masterful set...

"Good Willow Hunting"

"Catch Me If You Can't Hardly Wait"

"Fun With Dick Tracy And Calamity Jane"

"Something's Gotta Give My Regards To Broad Street"


"Ladder 49 Up (49 Up is a documentary)"

"Snakes On Planes, Trains, & Automobiles"

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Tenth Submissions

The Goddess Flannery gives forth from her cornucopia...

"Honey, I Blew Up The Karate Kid"

"Rumble Fish In the Bronx"

"The Rush Hours"

"Enter the Dragon Slayer"

"The Da Vinci Code of Silence"

"Highlander: End Crying Game"

"Death Wish of a Salesman"

While Chris brings this down from Mt. Olympus

"The Perils Of Gwendoline In The Land Before Time Of Yik Yak"

(That's "The Perils of Gwendoline in The Land of The Yik Yak" + "The Land Before Time," folks. Chris always stumps yours truly at least once every submission and it's time to hit the IMDB. Ed).

"Saving Ryan's Private Parts"


"Harold & Kumar Go To White Chick's Castle"

"The Third Quiet Elephant Man"

"My Big Fat Zorba The Greek's Wedding"

"A Fish Called Hotel Rwanda"

"Fools Rush Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade"

"Man Of The House Of Sand And Fog"

"One Stir Crazy Summer"

"Brian's Song Of The South"

"Five Easy Pieces Of April"

(Wow, where would Jack Nicholson's character want Katie Holmes to hold the turkey??? Ed)

"The Notting Hills Have Eyes"

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Ninth Submissions

Yes, the William Tell Overture is Flannery's theme song

"The Cinderella Man with One Red Shoe"

"Big Momma's Animal House"

"Super Starship Troopers"

"Sin City Slickers"

"Fistfull of a Few Dollars More"

"The Dead Devil Men Don't Wear Plaid Prada (It's a stretch, I know)"

"Midnight Polar Express"

"Big Chill Daddy"

"The Meaning of the Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean"

"Working Girl, Interrupted"

While Chris cranks the Wagner and descends on us with...

"Biloxi Blues Brothers"

"McCabe & Mrs. Miller's Crossing"

"Endless Summer Rental"

"The Naked Guns Of Navarone"

"A Mystic River Runs Through It"

"The Devil And Daniel Webster Wear Prada (sorry, Flannery)"

"My Left Footloose"

That Ed guy chimes in with a few

"Bad Day At Picnic Hanging Rock"

"Dirty Harry And The Hendersons"

"The Wicker Man Friday"

"High School High Plains Drifter"

"The Outlaw Josey Whales of August"

"The Gypsy Mothman Prophesies"

(Hella weak! Ed)

Save us Chris, save us from that Ed guy

"The Squid And The Whale Rider"

"National Lampoon's Velvet Vacation"

(Nice! Ed)

"Breakin' 2: Electric Horseman Boogaloo"

"Bronco Billy Madison"

"Places In The Braveheart"

"Anatomy Of A Murderball"

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Eighth Submissions

Flannery is prone to proficency...

"Gone With The Mighty Wind In Sixty Seconds"

"Taking Care Of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane"

"The Adventures of Priscilla, African Queen of the Desert"

"Quigley Down Under The Tuscan Sun"

"It Happened One Night At The Opera"

(One would think that someone would've came up with this game and this phrase way back in the 30's. Bravo, Flannery! Ed)

"Midnight Cannonball Run, Lolita, Run"

"Enemy of the Garden State"

"She's Having A Cry Baby"

"Runaway Corpse Bride"

Chris is not just some guy, see, chow mein?

"Throw Momma From The Trainspotting"

"Who Framed Roger & Me's Rabbit?"

"Boyz N The Parenthood"

"The Adventures In Babysitting Buckaroo Bonzai"

"Strange Brewster's Millions"

"Full Metal Jackass"

(Ha-hah! Ed)


My head is box full of X Dell, and that's the way I like it...

"The Meaning of Life Stinks (Monty Python and Mel Brooks independently come to a dismal revelation)"

"John Tucker Must Die Another Day (Procrastinating cheerleaders wait for 007 to kill off their two-timing boyfriend.)"

"A Jesus Christ Superstar Is Born (The Messiah seeks fame and fortune in Hollywood.)"

"Ed Woodstock (The famed schlock director films a 1960s rock festival.)"

"Pretty in Pink Flamingos (Divine gives fashion tips to Molly Ringwald.)"

"Zorro, the Gay Bladerunner (George Hamilton stars as a swashbuckling android with alternative programming.)"

(On the Phillip K. Dick tangent, do tanning booths dream about George Hamilton? Ed)

"Kiss, Kiss Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (A thief, an actress, and a private eye purchase a flying car that drives itself.)"

"Everything You Wanted to Know about Casual Sex? But Were Afraid to Ask? (Lea Thompson and Victoria Jackson star in this Woody Allen comedy.)"

"I Am Curious Yellow Submarine (Private Gripweed hears voices from the unidentified submerged object that he spots on radar.)"

"The Trouble with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (John Forsythe and Shirley MacLaine critique the first movie about the boy wizard.)"

Yet, in the same day again, Flannery posits...

"Thirteen Days, Twelve Angry Men"

"The Last Tango & Cash in Paris"

"Cutthroat Island of Dr. Moreau"

"The Color of Purple Money"

"Mean Calendar Girls"

"Apocalypto Now"

"Raging Bullwinkle"

(Automatic All-Top Ten nominee. Ed)

"The Never Ending Love Story"

"The Same Time Machine Next Year"

"Ordinary People Under the Stairs"

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Seventh Submissions

The Popeye, always in focus, says "Who's being redundant? Who's being redundant? How about..."

"Escape to Brokeback Mountain (Escape to Witch Mountain + Brokeback Mountain)- A 'flamboyant' millionaire tricks two straight boys into running away to his very secret mountain village.

"Return from Brokeback Mountain (Return from Witch Mountain + Brokeback Mountain) - The boys come back. Oh, how they've changed."

Get lost OPEC, this blog is powered by Flannery

"Twelve Angry Grumpy Old Men"

"Circle of Friends with Money"

"Good Night, Nurse & Good Luck!"

(Yakko, Wakko and Flannery? Ed)

"The Last Samurai Boy Scout"

"Playing for Time Bandits"

"The Day After Tomorrow Never Dies"

"The Good Wife, The Bad Santa, and The Coyote Ugly"

(Heh-heh-heh! Ed)

We're having a "China Syndrome" here, as a radioactive Chris melts us down with...


"Guesss Who's Coming To My Dinner With Andre?"

"The Love Bugsy"

"Bullitts Over Broadway"

"A Grizzly Man For All Seasons"

"The Killing Field Of Dreams"

(Let me at that soundtrack! "You're never going to get to- If you build it, they will come." Ed)

Oh no, mathmaticians and Lauryn Hill, it's the X Dell factor!

"The Deep Throat (Jacqueline Bisset and Linda Lovelace use their talents to avoid a conflict with treasure hunters after discovering a wrecked ship off the coast of the Bahamas.)"

(That one stirred the loins, then the next four put me on the floor. Ed)

"There’s Something about Mary Poppins (A number of ne’er-do-well men competitively scheme to hire an a-list nanny for their kids.)"

"Shaft, Shane, Harry & Tonto (The gay version of Bob, Carol, Ted & Alice)"

"Solyent Green Acres (The residents of Hooterville wonder what’s happened to Sam Drucker, Fred Ziffel and Mr. Haney.)"

(I'm sorry, this is a funny as hell post. Unfortunately only half of it is a film, so you'll have to highlight it with your mouse to see it. Ed)

"Nanook of the North by Northwest (Soviet Intelligence mistakes a 1920s Inuit for a super spy.)"

"Amazon Women on the Moon over Parador (Richard Dreyfuss is forced to impersonate John Landis.)"

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Ah Yes, Something New Has Been Added!"

I've added an addendum to the rules, Ansel Adams, to clear the picture up a little.

I try to police it and it would be a big help if you could pitch in as well. If you can, before posting your submission, please type in the keywords of your titles, and click "Search Blog" to make sure that your combination is not redundant. Keep America and this blog, beautiful.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Sixth Submissions

Annnddd they're off!

He sure is Sporting some Big Shoulders...

"Flags of Our Fathers of the Bride of Chucky"

"The 40-Year Old Virgin Suicide Kings"

"In the Army of Darkness Now"

"Waiting for Guffman to Exhale"

"Black Hawk Down By Law"

"Falling Down from the Mountain"

"The Last Samurai Waltz"

"I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, Huckabees"

Chris wanders into Errol Morris territory and says "I'm a big documentary fan, so here's a few more obscure ones"

"Fast, Cheap, & Out Of Control Room"

"Sherman's March Of The Penguins"

"Paradise Lost Boys Of Sudan"

"The Fog Of War Room"

"Wheel Of Time Indefinite"

The Life of Flannery Alden is intense, as she says "Chris, I love: Wheel of Time Indefinite! Here's mine"

"The History of Wayne's World, Part I"

"That Funny Thing You Do Happened To Me On The Way To The Forum"

"The Fast Food and the Furious Nation"

"Hellboys Don't Cry"

"Rocky 1984"

"Super Quiet Man"

"Under The Cherry Moon Over Parador"

"Hot Shots In The Dark"

"Repo Man of the Year"

Chris comes back with in the same day

"Beyond The Harper Valley Of The Dolls, P.T.A."

"It's A Wonderful Life Of Brian"

"Nanook Of The North Dallas Forty"

"The Cider House Rules Of Engagement"

"Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid Stays In The Picture"

"Police Academy 4: Citizen Kane On Patrol"

"Prince Of Crimson Tides"

X Dell dips back in the well and sez, "okay, I've checked with blog search, but was unable to find the following titles and descriptions..."

"Help! Psycho! (The Beatles check into the Bates Motel.)"

"Fahrenheit 9/11:14 (The Bush family’s Saudi connections are examined from five different points of view.)"
(Wow, someone else in this country actually saw "11:14?" Unbelievable! Ed.)

"The Third Mandingo (A slave impregnates his master’s wife, and then flees to Vienna, where Orson Welles has promised him a job.)"

"Jaws-II, The Birds-10 (Manager Bo Derek leads her baseball team to an unlikely upset in Alfred Hitchcock’s only sports movie.)"

"Poltergeist II, Jaws III (Score of the consolation game.)"

"Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace II Society(Street hustlers attack the Jedi.)"

"Forbidden Planet of the Apes (Leslie Nielsen clashes with Roddy McDowall as they each try to figure out which one of them is in the wrong movie.)"

"Cotton Comes to Harlem...Nights...After Hours (Eddie Murphy, Griffin Dunne, Rosanna Arquette and Richard Pryor track down a shipment of aspirin bottle linings stolen by Redd Foxx.)"

"Shampoo Network (Paddy Chayefsky drama about a very specialized cable station. Starring Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, Faye Dunaway, and Peter Finch as a hairdresser who is mad as hell, and can’t take this anymore)"

"West Side Story of O (In order to join her brother’s street gang, Natalie Wood must submit to a sexually humiliating initiation.)"

Monday, March 12, 2007

A Prayer For John Donald Carlucci

A pox on Yahoo and a pox on blog-city. I have just received an email some three days after it was intended, John Donald Carlucci has pancreatitis. If you go to here, his sister posted the general information in the "comments section."

Please take the time to say a prayer for him and try to post a get well, though I don't know how strong his comment moderation is.

Thank you
P.S. An update from John's sister Leslie via John's blog:

John was moved from ICU late this afternoon. He will be in the hospital for at least another couple of days. At this point we are just waiting on test to come back. His color looks good and he was awake and talking for awhile today. He is not aloud any food or drink. That of course is making him very unpleasant. They said this occurred because of extremely high cholesterol and he is diabetic. We are waiting to hear if the diabetes is primary or secondary. He had an MRI today and should know tomorrow if he is going to require surgery. Friday he was in critical condition. The doctor said we almost lost him. That is very, very scary..... he's a pain in the ass, but I love him. Thanks for any prayers. Leslie

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Fifth Submissions

I have been refraining from commenting for the most part. Because I am enjoying this immensely and I think that all of the submissions stand very well all on their own. So much so, that I don't want to step on them with third-rate puns. So please don't misinterpret my general lack of commentary as indifference. Ed

The Pop Eye really kicks things off with...

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding Crashers"

"I'm Dirty Dancing as Fast as I Can"

"Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures in Babysitting"

"Ferris Bueller's Day Off the Chain"

"The Pretty in Pink Panther"

"Breakfast at Tiffany's Club"

"In The Line of St. Elmo's Fire"

"Better Off Drop Dead Gorgeous"

"Night of the Living Dead Poets Society"

"Can't Buy Me The Love Bug"

"Rain Man of La Mancha"

X Dell accelerates with

"How Stella Got Her Groove Back to the Future"

"Gone with the Wind that Shakes the Barley"

"A Hard Day's Night Shift"

"The Sound of Music, Man"

"The Distinguished Gentleman Prefers Blondes. (Okay, so I fudged that one a little.)"

"The Lost Weekend at Bernie's"

"A Man Called Horsefeathers"

"Orgy of the Dead Man Walking (Starring Susan Sarandon, and directed by Ed Wood)"

"The Spy Who Loved Me, Myself & Irene"

"The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Games"

Shakespeare said "out damn spot." Not "out Dead Spot on the Web"

"The Remains of the Day of the Dead"

"The Lost World: Gosford Park 2"

"The Repo Man Who Knew Too Much"

"The Blue Velveteen Rabbit"

I keep coming up with ones that aren't quite right, like "The Great White North By Northwest" or "Das Boots Were Made For Waking"

(Sorry, the last half is not a film, you have to highlight it with a mouse to see it. Ed)

The Uneffenbelivable Mish Mash that is Amy said via email...

"Harold and Maude go to White Palace (Harold and Maude + Harold and Kumar go to White Castle + White Palace)"(Heh-heh-heh! Ed)

"Life as a Road House (Life as a House + Road House)"

"The People Under the Stairs vs Larry Flynt (The People Under the Stairs + The People vs Larry Flynt)"

We cannot stop Flannery, we can only hope to contain her...

"Moonstruck Mermaids"

"Sunset Striptease"

"Singin' in the Purple Rain"

"Mad Max Dugan Returns"
(Literally as I am editing this, "Max Dugan" is on AMC! Ed)

"Strangers on a Night Train to Paris"

"Dead Body Heat"

"Howard the Duck Soup"

"Nine to Five Easy Pieces"

"Come Back to the Slaughterhouse Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean"

"Mother, Juggs & Speed 2: Cruise Control"

Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Fourth Submissions

Chris contemplates...

"The Forty Year Old Virgin Suicides"

"(This one's a stretch) The Bridge On The River Kwai The Beloved Country"

"Thirteen Days'd & Confused"

"A Bridge Too Far And Away"

"Star 80 Wars"
(Ooooh, nice one George Lucas Bogdonavich! Ed)

"Fast Times At Ridgemont High Plains Drifter"

"Apocalyspe Now And Then"

The Pop Eye preaches

"Mad City of Angels."

And..."Tommy Boy in the Plastic Bubble."

I guess I should quit with the Travolta flicks though. Should I move on to Will Ferrell?

"About Last Night at the Roxbury"

"Old School of Rock"

"Zorro, The Gay Blades of Glory"

"The Madness of Curious King George"
(That works on sooo many levels. Ed)

Coaster Punchman brings a bit of his world with...

"Girls Just Wanda Whip Wall Street"

The Pop Eye jumps back in with

"Over The Top Hedge" - Animated. A squirrel named Sly has to arm wrestle an evil, white-trash groundhog. And then Sammy Hagar sings about it...probably with Randy Newman.

Flannery elevates the game with

"Crossroads to Wellville"

"The Scarlet Love Letter"

"Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead Again"

"Bring it on the Waterfront"

"Die Hard with a Vengeance Another Day"

"Dirty Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"

"Mystic Pizza Deliverance"

"Jumpin' Jack Flashdance"

"Room with a View to a Kill"

Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Third Submissions

The Pop Eye, ever watchful, says...

"Jacob's Ladder 49"

"Battlefield Earth Girls are Easy"
(Note, this is my fave, as well as L. Ron's. Ed)

"Snow White Man's Burden"

"Two of a Kind if By Sea"

The Best Friend a Procrastinator can have, Katie sez

"The Bride of Frankenstein" + "The Green Slime" = "The Green Slime Bride of Frankenstein"

X Dell fires from the hip...

Hmm I can think of:

(1) "Wag the Dog Day Afternoon."

(2) "Anatomy of a Murder at 1600."

(3) "To Live and Die in L.A. Story."

(4) "Eight Men Out There."

Taking Katie's tack, I can come up with "Rocky Horror Picture Show" + "The Last Picture Show" = "The Last Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Whoa, there's someone new to the mix and the Procrastinating blogs, Flannery. Who is Prone to Whimsy...

"Mr. and Mrs. Smith Go To Washington"

"My Own Private Benjamin"

"The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood's Travelling Pants"
(Note folks, this is a logical progression as I've read a review that stated that they were basically the same film. Ed)

"Stomp the Longest Yard"

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Second Submissions

Becka said...

I was gonna suggest "Death Blow Out," and then I realized that "Death Blow" wasn't a real movie."Aw man, we're missing the Death Blow!"

So I replied...

Um,"Blow Out" + "Death Race 2000" = "Death Blow Out?"

Haahnster said "go Bears" and...

"Girl Fight" + "Fight Club" = "Girl Fight Club"

"Roger & Me" + "You, Me & Dupree" = "You, Me & Roger Dupree"

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The First Submissions

From John D. Carlucci:

"Lost City of Children of Men"

"Marathon Man of La Mancha"

"From Russia With Love American-Style"

"Dark Waterworld"

"Shakespeare in Love Actually"

From Angel's Mind:

"Sky Captain Correlli And The World Of Tomorrow’s Mandolin"

"Interview with Buffy The Vampire Slayer"

"The Shaggy Dog Day Afternoon"

From My Best Online Friend Forever, Katie:

"Psycho Step Monster"

From The Almighty Beckeye:

"Saturday Night Fever Pitch"

Stranger Than Pulp Fiction"

"A Swordfish Called Wanda."

"The Three Face/Offs of Eve"

"Urban Midnight Cowboy Legend"

"A Love Song of the South for Bobby Long Day's Journey into Night"

He's Not Heavy, He's My Blogger, James:

"Close Encounters of Richard III"

"All the President's Men in Black"

"The Godfather of the Bride"

"Tango and Crash"

Now, anybody who signs up as Anonymous, gets a number corresponding to the sequence that they submitted. Thus, from Anonymous #1:

"The Unbearable Lightness of Being Earnest"

The best blogger in all of Canada, Dale:

"Match Point Blank"

When there are enough submissions that are left in the "comments" section, they will be added into another submission section.

The Beginning

A friend of mine and I had a conversation years ago, where we came up with a word-slash-title game. You combine two disparate movie titles into one, as if it was a natural thing all along. Thus, "The Bad Lieutenant's Wife" was born.

So, using the aforemention as an example: "The Bad Lieutenant" and "The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover" would become "The Bad Lieutenant's Wife."


"Three Men And A Little Lady" + "The Lady In The Lake" = "Three Men And The Lady In The Lake."

This was before Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, I think, but I'm not entirely sure. So using a movie with Kevin Bacon, "The River Wild" and couple that with "A River Runs Through It." You get the "The River Runs Wild Through It."

Any movie with "Friday" in the title is too easy. "The Friday The 13th After Next," right?

You can mix eras up, by taking something older and combining it with something a little more recent. Thus, "Bad Santa At Black Rock." You can use a maximum of four titles, because things tend to be confusing after that.

If you can, before posting your submission, please type in keywords of your titles, click "Search Blog" to make sure that your combination is not redundant.

Surely, you the reader can do better, "Jude Law, The Obscure"...well, that's not really a movie title compliation, but you get the idea.