Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Twenty-Sixth Submissions

Becky says, "Yay, BLW is back!" Then she brings the pain-

"I Love You, Man of La Mancha"

"Law Abiding Citizen Kane"

"Untamed Paper Heart"

"I Am The Legend Of Bagger Vance"

"Where The Wild Things We Lost In The Fire Are"

"Rachel Getting Married To The Mob"

"Away From Her We Go"

"(500) Strange Days of Summer"

"The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Truth"

"The Funny People Under The Stairs"

"Land Of The Lost Boys"

"We Are Forgetting Sarah Marshall"

"Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Girl With A Pearl Earring"

"The Curious Case of Private Benjamin Button"

Ed says, "after eight months to think it over? I got nuthin'"

"Soylent Groundhog Goodburger."

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Twenty-Fifth Submissions

When we last left The Bad Lieutenant's Wife, the bad Ed was too busy to save her and left her hanging from the precipice like an indifferent Simon Legree.

It took an idiot sp*mmer with more than an hour to kill and a nationally syndicated cartoonist to revive The Bad Lietenant's Wife...if only for a moment.

Sridhar J left off with-

"The Scary Simpson's Movie"

"My Best Friend's Wedding Crashers"

"Behind Thin Red Enemy Lines"

"Of A Few Good Mice And Men (I'm not sure if this has been done already, the search isn't as reliable as it once was. Ed)"

"Happy Go Lucky Gilmore"

"It's A Wonderful Bug's Life"

"When Harry Potter Met Sally"

Bucky Katt (sic) a.k.a. Darby Conley weighs in with this one and you have to click it to make it bigger-