Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Ah Yes, Something New Has Been Added!"

I've added an addendum to the rules, Ansel Adams, to clear the picture up a little.

I try to police it and it would be a big help if you could pitch in as well. If you can, before posting your submission, please type in the keywords of your titles, and click "Search Blog" to make sure that your combination is not redundant. Keep America and this blog, beautiful.


X. Dell said...

Okay, I've checked with blog search, but was unable to find the following titles and descriptions:

Help! Psycho! (The Beatles check into the Bates Motel.)

Fahrenheit 9/11:14 (The Bush family’s Saudi connections are examined from five different points of view.)

The Third Mandingo (A slave impregnates his master’s wife, and then flees to Vienna, where Orson Welles has promised him a job.)

Jaws-II, The Birds-10 (Manager Bo Derek leads her baseball team to an unlikely upset in Alfred Hitchcock’s only sports movie.)

Poltergeist II, Jaws III (Score of the consolation game.)

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace II Society(Street hustlers attack the Jedi.)

Forbidden Planet of the Apes (Leslie Nielsen clashes with Roddy McDowall as they each try to figure out which one of them is in the wrong movie.)

Cotton Comes to Harlem...Nights...After Hours (Eddie Murphy, Griffin Dunne, Rosanna Arquette and Richard Pryor track down a shipment of aspirin bottle linings stolen by Redd Foxx.)

Shampoo Network (Paddy Chayefsky drama about a very specialized cable station. Starring Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, Faye Dunaway, and Peter Finch as a hairdresser who is mad as hell, and can’t take this anymore)

West Side Story of O (In order to join her brother’s street gang, Natalie Wood must submit to a sexually humiliating initiation.)

BeckEye said...

Who's being redundant?

Who's being redundant?

How about...

Escape to Brokeback Mountain (Escape to Witch Mountain + Brokeback Mountain)- A "flamboyant" millionaire tricks two straight boys into running away to his very secret mountain village.

Return from Brokeback Mountain (Return from Witch Mountain + Brokeback Mountain) - The boys come back. Oh, how they've changed.