Monday, March 19, 2007

The Ninth Submissions

Yes, the William Tell Overture is Flannery's theme song

"The Cinderella Man with One Red Shoe"

"Big Momma's Animal House"

"Super Starship Troopers"

"Sin City Slickers"

"Fistfull of a Few Dollars More"

"The Dead Devil Men Don't Wear Plaid Prada (It's a stretch, I know)"

"Midnight Polar Express"

"Big Chill Daddy"

"The Meaning of the Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean"

"Working Girl, Interrupted"

While Chris cranks the Wagner and descends on us with...

"Biloxi Blues Brothers"

"McCabe & Mrs. Miller's Crossing"

"Endless Summer Rental"

"The Naked Guns Of Navarone"

"A Mystic River Runs Through It"

"The Devil And Daniel Webster Wear Prada (sorry, Flannery)"

"My Left Footloose"

That Ed guy chimes in with a few

"Bad Day At Picnic Hanging Rock"

"Dirty Harry And The Hendersons"

"The Wicker Man Friday"

"High School High Plains Drifter"

"The Outlaw Josey Whales of August"

"The Gypsy Mothman Prophesies"

(Hella weak! Ed)

Save us Chris, save us from that Ed guy

"The Squid And The Whale Rider"

"National Lampoon's Velvet Vacation"

(Nice! Ed)

"Breakin' 2: Electric Horseman Boogaloo"

"Bronco Billy Madison"

"Places In The Braveheart"

"Anatomy Of A Murderball"


Chris said...

-Biloxi Blues Brothers

-McCabe & Mrs. Miller's Crossing

-Endless Summer Rental

-The Naked Guns Of Navarone

-A Mystic River Runs Through It

-The Devil And Daniel Webster Wear Prada (sorry, Flannery)

-My Left Footloose

Flannery Alden said...

It's OK Chris...I'm sure I've strayed into your turf and used some documentary titles. I've been trying to figure out something to go with Footloose, but you've nailed it.

Also LOVE: The Naked Guns of Navaronne.

Chris said...

-The Squid And The Whale Rider

-National Lampoon's Velvet Vacation

-Breakin' 2: Electric Horseman Boogaloo

-Bronco Billy Madison

-Places In The Braveheart

-Anatomy Of A Murderball

Flannery Alden said...

Honey, I Blew Up The Karate Kid

Rumble Fish In the Bronx

The Rush Hours

Enter the Dragon Slayer

The Da Vinci Code of Silence

Highlander: End Crying Game

Death Wish of a Salesman

Jane said...

My head is on fire with your brilliance!

We do this on a daily basis at Join us. With your brains and our... uh... blog format... we can take over the world!

My Left Footloose Majordomo

Writeprocrastinator said...


Welcome and thank you, but I am semi-retired from the rearranging movie titles for amusement business. You site does look hilarious and I plan to drop often.