Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Best Of B.L.W. Volume One

To pare all of these submission down to a "Best Of" list was easier in some aspects and harder in others. First, I thought it would be both fairer and simpler to break it down to the first ten installments of the Bad Lieutenant's Wife. Also to maintain partiality, I thought it as editor, I would not post any of my submissions.

That being said, I know that everyone is going to be upset that their favorites aren't up there. This is true of any list and I hope everyone can understand this, as taste is subjective and other than my choice in spouse? I have no taste.

Once again this is the "Best Of," installments one through ten. Everybody is listed in the order they appeared, not by preference and with their best ten submissions for those installments. If there are less than ten for that person, that is because they submitted less than ten during this time period.

From John D. Carlucci:

"Lost City of Children of Men" "Marathon Man of La Mancha" "From Russia With Love American-Style" "Dark Waterworld" "Shakespeare in Love Actually"

From Angel's Mind:

"Sky Captain Correlli And The World Of Tomorrow’s Mandolin" "Interview with Buffy The Vampire Slayer" "The Shaggy Dog Day Afternoon"

From Katie Schwartz:

"Psycho Step Monster" "The Bride of Frankenstein" + "The Green Slime" = "The Green Slime Bride of Frankenstein"

From Becky:

"Stranger Than Pulp Fiction" "Urban Midnight Cowboy Legend" "Battlefield Earth Girls are Easy" "The Madness of Curious King George" "My Big Fat Greek Wedding Crashers" "I'm Dirty Dancing As Fast As I Can" "Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventures In Babysitting" "Night of The Living Dead Poets Society" "Rain Man of LaMancha" "Escape to Brokeback Mountain ("Escape to Witch Moutain"+"Brokeback Mountain")"

From James:

"Close Encounters of Richard III" "All the President's Men in Black" "The Godfather of the Bride" "Tango and Crash"

Now, anybody who signs up as Anonymous, gets a number corresponding to the sequence that they submitted. Thus, from Anonymous #1:

"The Unbearable Lightness of Being Earnest"

From Haahnster:

"Girl Fight" + "Fight Club" = "Girl Fight Club"
"Roger & Me" + "You, Me & Dupree" = "You, Me & Roger Dupree"

From X Dell:

"Wag The Dog Day Afternoon" "To Live In Die in L.A. Story" "The Lost Weekend at Bernie's" "The Third Mandingo (Orson Wells' "The Third Man+ "Mandingo.")" "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace II Society" "Shampoo Network" "Westside Story of O" "There's Something About Mary Poppins"

From Flannery:

"Dirty Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban" "Mystic Pizza Deliverance" "Come Back To The Slaughterhouse Five And Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean" "Good Night, Nurse And Good Luck" "It Happened One Night At The Opera" "Apocalypto Now" "Raging Bullwinkle" "Honey I Blew Up The Karate Kid" "Deathwish Of A Salesman"

From Chris:

"The Forty Year Old Virgin Suicides" "Fast Times At Ridgemont High Plains Drifter" "Apocalpse Now And Then" "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner With Andre" "Throw Mamma From The Trainspotting" "Full Metal Jackass" "Innerspaceballs" "Nation Lampoon's Velvet Vacation" "Fools Rush Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade" "The Notting Hills Have Eyes"

From Coaster Punchman:

"Girls Just Wanda Whip Wall Street"

From Dead Spot On The Web:

The Remains of the Day of the Dead" "The Lost World: Gosford Park 2" "The Repo Man Who Knew Too Much" "The Blue Velveteen Rabbit" "The Great White North By Northwest"

From Amy:

"Harold and Maude go to White Palace (Harold and Maude + Harold and Kumar go to White Castle + White Palace)" "Life as a Road House (Life as a House + Road House)" "The People Under the Stairs vs Larry Flynt (The People Under the Stairs + The People vs Larry Flynt)"

From Sporting some Big Shoulders:

"Flags of Our Fathers of the Bride of Chucky" "The 40-Year Old Virgin Suicide Kings" "In the Army of Darkness Now" "Waiting for Guffman to Exhale" "Black Hawk Down By Law" "Falling Down from the Mountain" "The Last Samurai Waltz" "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, Huckabees"


angel said...

way cool that i'm up there too!!!

EditorJDC said...

I love the post WP.


Writeprocrastinator said...


Ma, oui!

Johnny Dollars,


Flannery Alden said...


Flannery Alden said...

My favorite Chris title is missing, though: "The Bridge On The River Kwai The Beloved Country"

Writeprocrastinator said...


I loved "The Adventures In Babysitting Buckaroo Banzai," but I already had "Bill And Ted's Adventures In Babysitting" up there for Becky. "My Left Footloose," too.

I mean, there should be a top twenty, but that wouldn't be fair to those who submitted less than ten.