Monday, January 7, 2008

The Best of B.L.W. Volume Two

Once again this is the "Best Of" and this time we have installments eleven through nineteen. Everybody is listed in the order they appeared, not by preference and with their best ten submissions for those installments. If there are less than ten for that person, that is because they submitted less than ten during this time period.

From Angel's Mind:

"12 Alien Monkeys" "Kiss Kiss Romeo & Bang Bang Juliet"
"Natural Born Desperado Killers"

From X Dell:

"The Urban Legend of Sleepy Hollow" "A Groundhog Day At The Races"

"And Justice For All That Jazz" "Paris, Texas Chainsaw Massacre"

"Raging Bull Durham" "The Man With The Golden Gunfight At O.K. Corral"

"To Catch A Bicycle Thief" "Dr. Strange Love Story"

"The Life of Brian's Song" "My Stepmother Is An Alien Resurrection"

From Flannery:

"The Remains of The Day The Earth Stood Still" "Cheaper By The Dirty Dozen"

"Not Without My Coal Miner's Daughter" "Howard's End Of Days"

"Remember The Clash Of The Titans" "Some Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Of Wonderful"

"The Sixth Sense And Sensibility" "Mad Dog And Blades Of Glory"

"To Sir With Love, Actually" "Murder My Sweet Home Alabama"

From Chris:

"Catch Me If You Can't Hardly Wait" "Beyond The Seabiscuit"

"Permanent Midnight Express" "A Scarface In The Crowd"

"Robocopycat" "It's Patton: The Movie"

"The X-Men's Wive's Club" "Bridget Jones's Motorcycle Diaries"

"That Thing You Xanadu" "Seven Year Samurai Itch"

From Spot:

"Live Free Or Die Fldermaus" "Police Academy 4: The Lost Patrol"

"The Omaha Beach Girls" "They Call Me Bruce Almight?"

"Joysticks Luck Club" "Surf II: Electric Boogaloo"

"Stewardess School Of Rock" "Cross My Angel Heart"

"Vice Squad Versa"

From Dr. Alistair:

"The Tears Of The Sun King" "Live And Let Die Hard"

"The Song Remains The Same Time Next Year" "The Curse Of The Count Of Montecristo"

"The Jazz Piano" "All The President's Few Good Men"

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